1) What is this website?
Add Fans is a website that helps you develop your social network on all platforms. We use an exchange system of coins to create the incentive for everyone to check each other out. Its free to join and you get 100 free coins on signup.

When you find someone or something interesting you click on their icon, have a little watch or read, decide if you are interested and then get coins. And vice versa, they can do the same for you when you add your social media profile.

We are not a site that will get you followers, fans and views quickly, we are a site that allows you to choose who you are interested in and they get to do the same for you. Our focus is on helping you improve your social profile.
2) What are coins?
Add Fans uses a coin system to help you grow your social network. You offer coins to others as an incentive for them to check you out.

Many of these people will become long-term followers and fans. They can then use these coins to grow their communities too. It is basically an incentive for encouraging people to check each other out! And it works quite well.
3) Can I buy followers and likes on here?
No! This website is a place where people can discover each other and get to choose which social media network they want to build.

Coins are used so that YOU can decide what you are interested in and YOU can decide who you want to join your network.
4) I don't want to have to follow or like anyone, I want them to follow and like me?
That's OK. You can put your profile on the site absolutely free. People will obviously check you out. You can also get coins through other means such as daily visits.
5) Can I buy coins?
You can do this on your profile when you are logged in. All purchases are handled securely through PayPal.

Any coins purchased will appear in your account automatically as soon as the transaction clears through Paypal, and you'll find a record of them in your account history.
6) What does this service cost me?
Nothing! Zero! Zilch! Its free! You can buy coins but everything is free.